With Compliments

With ComplimentsPower ahead with a suite of stationery that oozes professionalism. Regardless of what you need, whether it's a small note pad for use on the road, DL 'With Compliments' slips to thank customers or letterhead for business correspondence, our stationery range has it.

Choose from two 100gsm stocks – our laser bond or our 100% recycled stationery. Both are heavy enough to prevent ink from seeping through the page, yet they'll run through office printers and photocopiers with ease.

100 Laser

Impressively thick and smooth, our uncoated range is UV cured for lasting protection.

100 Laser Recycled

Using this 100% recycled stock for your ‘with compliments’ slips tells your customers two things before you even lift your pen: 1. You value them, and 2. You are serious about the environment. Now you just need to add your personal message with that pen in your hand!