Swing Tags

Swing tagsResearch has shown that point-of-sale marketing materials can have a big impact on sales of a particular product. Whether you're after a sign that draws a customer from across the store to look at your product, or a swing tag that provides further information to seal the deal, we've got you covered.

Available in the following paperstock:

420 Artboard

A swing tag can highlight a sale item within a store or differentiate your product on the shelf. Swing tags are not limited to just clothing. Jewellery, bags, cosmetics, ornaments, liquor and optical products can also utilise swing tags. Boost your customer’s perception of your product with care instructions or further information on your company being printed on a swing tag.

420 Artboard Matt One or Two Sides

Some swing tags have a secret life as a jet setting luggage tag or complementary gift tag on corporate gifts. The matt celloglaze finish is an effective option for these kind of uses, as the smooth surface is suitable for hand writing with a pen or marker. Our extensive range of die cuts allow you to be as creative as your desire, regardless of how you’re using the swing tags.

420 Artboard Gloss One or Two Sides

There’s a thrill of excitement when you find what can only be described as the best bargain on earth when shopping. That’s how you’ll feel when you see your swing tags printed on our 420gsm stock with a double-sided gloss. Excitement and pride in a great product for an even better price.

420 Artboard Chrome

Reflect the premium quality of your goods by choosing a Chrome Foil swing tag. Printed in glorious full colour on a silver celloglazed front, our ‘Business Class 420’ stock is thick and shiny. This winning combination means you can communicate your branding and any important production information.

310 Artboard

Our Economy stock is a cost-effective choice for those that wish to spruce up the presentation of their products. Our uncoated stock option provides a smooth surface for price tag stickers and even hand written mark downs.

310 Artboard Matt One or Two Sides

When swing tags are used in retail environments, they often have stickers, price tags or even handwritten markings made on them. For this reason alone, our Economy Class 310 stock with a two-sided matt celloglaze is a great option for swing tags. The high quality, full colour print is another one. And if you need a third reason, just look at the wonderfully small prices!

310 Artboard Gloss One Side or Two Sides

Sometimes swing tags are forgotten when a product is being created and marketed. This is a shame, as packaging is an essential part of the marketing mix. This double-sided gloss option on the 310gsm stock is high quality and cost-effective, making it a winner from the marketing point of view.

305 System Board

You may have seen organisations fundraise for a cause and acknowledge donors by getting them to sign their name and display it publicly in stores or restaurants. The result is a wall full of personalised cards that visibly highlight the cause. These swing tags are perfect for this application, as they’re easily pinned using the die-cut hole and the uncoate4d stock is easy to write on.

350 Artboard Cast Coated

These swing tags can be marked with a stamp pen, biro or texta, making the versatility of your swing tags almost limitless. Used by small boutiques, market stall holde4rs and dressmakers to name a few, the cast-coated stock provides an uncoated re3ferse for writing on and a coated front to present your brand beautifully in vibrant full colour.

Plastic Poly White 0.6mm

Choose our Plastic White swing tags if you wish to coordinate all your marketing material. The white polypropylene stock matches all our paper, card and sticker stocks perfectly. We use the same UVC inks on the same press to produce our swing tags, meaning colour accuracy is assured. And any environmental concerns are addressed by the 100% recyclability of the polypropylene stock. Why wait any longer? Order today!


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